140423 18th Global China Music Awards.


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boyfriend - my avatar mv

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Happy birthday minseok!

Happy birthday minseok!

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Xiumin warming up & smiling shyly at the fans.

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happy birthday ! (26/3/2014)

happy birthday ! (26/3/2014)

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This is so so so cute :(((

just translate to Eng, sorry for my bad ENGlish 

But its so cute to handle :(( 


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[TRANS/VID] 131215 BOYFRIEND cut in Matanglawin [2]

Voice Over: You’re still thinking about it, but we’ve already asked it to them. Didn’t you like to know what kind of characteristics BOYFRIEND are looking for in a girl?

Q. What is your ideal type of girl?

JM: Sexy and Cute

DH: I also like girls that are sexy and is well-mannered

MW: I like girls that has long hair and fair complexion. Just like you

Jessie: /laughs/ Okay I have long hair.

YM: For me, I like girls that have beautiful eyes

KM: I also look at the eyes of the girl. It should look bright and clear. 

HS: I like cute girls

Voice Over: Kpop has helped a lot towards the ‘Hallyu’ or ‘Korean Wave’. Because of this, Korean Popular music has gained a lot of attention. Not only in Asia, but also in Australia, Canada, USA, South America, Africa, Middle East and Europe.

Q: Since you are 6 in the group, we would like to know who is the funniest, or like the shy type.

JM: I’m a good boy…. and funny boy. Yes

DH: [KOR] When I’m in front of a lot of people, I can’t talk. [DUB] When I’m in front of the camera, I just go quiet. But once I’m off the camera, then I talk a lot. In fact, I talk to all (the staff members). 

Q: Who loves to eat the most?

JM: Me, I like to eat. But nowadays, it seems like I’ve been gaining weight. And so I’m on a diet for now. To tell you the truth, whenever I’m very stressed out, I tend to eat a lot. 

Jessie: /points to herself, nods/

JM: Ah, you too? Me too. Hi. (I’m not sure if Jeongmin said ‘Hi’ as in Hello or ‘Hai’ as in ‘yes’ in Japanese ahahahhaha)

Jessie: We.. too /laughs/

BF: /laughs/

JM: Ah, yeah


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[TRANS/VID] 131215 BOYFRIEND cut in Matanglawin [1]

Voice Over: And now Jessie Mendiola will be joined by one of the kpop boy groups in South Korea that are garnering a lot of attention lately, BOYFRIEND. They were formed back in 2011 with the help of Starship Entertainment. They have 6 handsome members. There is Kim Donghyun, Shim Hyunseong, Lee Jeongmin, No Minwoo, and the twins, Jo Youngmin and Jo Kwangmin. They call their fans ‘Bestfriends’.

Jessie: Today I’m with one of the fast-rising kpop group here in Korea, BOYFRIEND!

DH: Wah~ /claps/ Yes~

BF: I’m your BOYFRIEND! Hi everyone, we are BOYFRIEND!

Q: Why is your group called ‘BOYFRIEND’?

DH: We wanted to be friendly, just like your boyfriend who are nice to you. (We chose the name ‘BOYFRIEND’) because a boyfriend usually have a lot of characteristics, which we also have. There’s a kind, sexy and a cute boyfriend.

Q: Speaking of your band name ‘BOYFRIEND’, who amongst you can be the dream boyfriend for thousands of Filipino fans.

MW: For me, I think Jeongmin is the best boyfriend for a Filipina. Because he’s really good in English.

JM: No I’m not! Even though I’m not that good in English. I’m confident that I am able give true love towards the girl, in order for her to love me even more.


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Starship Planet - Snow Candy MV